Her creations are monochromatic, a simplistic design with a wild side. Each canvas tells a tale of nature and the disappearing culture of the Western heritage. Choice of color is essential and dominates each canvas. She takes a wide range of tones from that chosen color and starts creating multiple layers of media. This helps her execute texture and depth while at the same time staying fresh and contemporary. Her strengths are understanding negative space and placement of each subject. This subject matter captures and expresses movement, it is a critical element of each piece. This giving the viewer the feeling of freedom, strength and action. Her control with the brush is how she creates the illusion of warm winds or cool nights. Ending each piece with a deep clear glaze she conveys her interpretation of wet landscape.
Art is her passion and horses feed her soul, she could not have one without the other. It is a must, that she escape between the multiple layers of her design, to share a quiet moment with her horse Cash. "There is something powerful in the spirit of the horse that drives my creative vision". She says the peacefulness that comes on the back of a horse is the biggest part of her inspiration. Shawndell's collectors have come to appreciate that every technique she uses is unique and expresses her own true love of sharing her talent with others.
Shawndell, a native of Colorado, wants her viewers to experience the roots of the classic West while living in the modern present day. An artist, who has always had a vision to incorporate her artistic talent with her love for animals, the Colorado mountains and the western lifestyle. Shawndell has interwoven her knowledge of oils, acrylics, light, shadows and three dimensional textures with her passion to let the viewer feel and embrace the emotional power of each image or thought.
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